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Alzheimer's Prevention

Scientific literature informs us that our likelihood of having Alzheimer's is one-third genetic and two-thirds lifestyle choices.

Diet, exercise, and stress reduction are key areas when learning how to prolong your memory for as long as possible. This course exposes you to easy-to-understand techniques to boost your memory and fun ways to reduce stress.

Brain Diet

You'll discover the best diet to follow to boost and maintain your memory. It turns out that if you are eating for heart health you are also eating a healthy brain diet.


Walking for as little as 15 minutes a day can help keep your mind sharp. You'll learn exercises that will boost your brain health.

Stress Reduction

You'll learn how to conduct auto-relaxation exercises ranging from focused exercises to instantaneous relief using the miracle of the half-smile.

Laughter Exercise

Laughter yoga is introduced as a way to ensure exercise, stress reduction, and socialization.

Your Instructor

Mark Brennaman holds a master of education degree with a specialty in adult education and training and development.

Learning in his 50s a passion for teaching, Mark has been offering a college course in student success for the last six years.

What Others Have Said

"Mark Brennaman's ability to instill knowledge with active class participation in a lighthearted atmosphere was refreshing. Rather than feel like you were at a boring lecture, he conducts a fun, energizing and empowering class."
Susan Gee, Event Coordinator, Spanish Cove, Yukon.

"I found the practical ideas of ways to improve and maintain memory helpful. Some of these were the benifit of exercise and stress reduction."
K. Cox, Spanish Cove resident

"This class gave me hope that I can do something to help my memory. The information on medicines was very helpful and also gave me some relief in knowing I had no control over the memory loss it caused."
M. Minor, Spanish Cove resident

About Elderversity

Lifelong Learning

Elderversity was created to provide working and retired adults with lifelong learning opportunities. As our baby boomers continue to retire, having a place to continue to learn is paramount.

We offer classes at retirement communities as well as classes that are open to the public.

Our non-credit adult education courses are designed to give participants the opportunity to learn a variety of subjects from professional educators and others from the community.

Courses are designed to stimulate your mind and encourage discussion in the learning experience using books, storytelling and other instructional media.

Course Offerings

We offer customized courses for a variety of audiences. Our initial offerings are geared toward retired individuals and working adults.

If you have an interest in a course that you do not see listed on this website, please suggest a topic.

Teach for Elderversity

If you have a master's degree Elderversity would like to hear from you with proposed courses you're qualified to teach.

We're looking for individuals with a passion for teaching to present non-credit courses for residents of retirement communities.

Contact Mark Brennaman with your credentials and proposed course(s).

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Class Now!

This class proved to be wildly popular at Spanish Cove Retirement Village in Yukon as 66 residents signed up and attended.

I bring a passion for teaching to the class and I'm looking forward to offering this class at your community.

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