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Learning at Elderversity is easy and you can progress at your own pace. Your personal webpage will be filled with current, popular, reliable and interesting information links that will lead you along your learning journey. It all starts with contacting me with your interests.

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Personalized Learning

I specialize in adult and continuing education and offer you personalized learning experiences in a wide variety of topics.

With a Master's in Education, I teach part-time at University of Central Oklahoma and also offer courses at metro retirement communities.

I now offer you personalized learning. You tell me what you would like to learn and I will assemble your personal webpage filled with learning materials, videos, book recommendations and other information tailored to what you're intetested in learning.

"There are not many professors or instructors who are as dedicated, empathetic, sympathetic, intelligent, AND more than qualified to teach people and to speak highly on the topic of success than Mark Brennaman. His class is full of laughter, debate, and uplifting spirit that turns a bad day into a good day."
Corinthia Gray, Former Student

"Mark Brennaman's ability to instill knowledge with active class participation in a lighthearted atmosphere was refreshing. Rather than feel like you were at a boring lecture, he conducts a fun, energizing and empowering class."
Susan Gee, Former Event Coordinator, Spanish Cove, Yukon.

"I have to say that after I would leave your class on Mondays and Wednesdays I felt that I could do anything. Thanks to your class, I knew I could make it, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly an inspiration and the best teacher ever!"
Joanna Ramos, Former Student

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